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What does it mean to hire fairly? It all starts with following the law.


Fair Hiring means simply as following the Hong Kong Employment Ordinance and other laws that apply to employers of migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong.


For too long, employment agencies have been making money from doing a bad job. Employers are charged for bad customer service, while agencies secretly charge domestic workers too. This illegal practice of charging placement fees leaves domestic workers in debt and fails employers.

When agencies charge domestic workers, they are incentivised to place those who are willing to pay, rather than those who are right for the job. When a worker is fired or quits, the agency makes more money by charging replacement workers. Meanwhile, the domestic worker gets further into debt as she borrows more money for a new job.


Regardless of the employment agency,  there are three steps that employers can take in order to make sure they are hiring domestic workers fairly and supporting fair recruitment: Ask. Report. Support. 


Download our 12 page Fair Hiring and Managing Guide below and have us run a Fair Hiring Information session with your community group.

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