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Employers who are informed and equipped with the right questions and follow-ups when hiring a migrant domestic worker are a key part of the solution.


When companies support their staff to be informed employers of domestic workers, they benefit too because:


  • It’s public: How a staff member treats their domestic worker can be on front page news. Prevent a publicity hiccup by making employees aware of their legal responsibilities as employers of domestic workers.

  • It’s personal: Support employees to focus on their work instead of distractions from home. Our workshops will provide your employees with management training which can prevent many unnecessary headaches.

  • It’s necessary: Young leaders want to be part of companies that are doing something bigger. The Fair Hiring Pledge allows companies to show that they are forward-thinking, using their position of influence to make their world a better place.


There is no fee or cost associated with becoming a signatory of the Fair Hiring Pledge. 


Instead of just making people aware of the problem, we make them part of the solution.

After the signing, Fair Employment Foundation will run Fair Hiring Information sessions for company employees and their partners. The session will cover topics such as illegal agency fees, ethical hiring practices, employment contract content and basic information on the Employment Ordinance.


Of those who have attended a Fair Hiring Information session*:


57% were not aware of the charging of illegal recruitment fees to migrant domestic workers before the session.


75% said that the session added considerable new information on hiring fairly, with an additional 25% who said that it added "somewhat to their knowledge".


64% said that the session added considerable new information on managing fairly, with an additional 28% said it added "somewhat to their knowledge."


75% felt very confident to talk to others about fair hiring and managing after the session.


*Based on responses to surveys in 2018. 



The Fair Employment Foundation maintains political neutrality, and support a properly functioning system in Hong Kong. We identify market-based solutions that benefit domestic workers and their employers.

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